DAY 44

24-2-21 Woke at 9 and then sat at work at 10. Worked from 10-12.40 and then from 1.40-8. then from 10-11 From 3-8 I did some planning work and research. And in the morning also 1 hour I spent in some research. But I did work. Anyway I did paint and and did mix aContinue reading “DAY 44”

DAY 43

23-2-21 Woke up late. Sat to work at 11 and read a brief and searched references and all. Did illustrator and then had lunch at 1 Sat to work at 2. Set up a life painting thing. My first time painting from an actual object in front of me. Did that till 4. And afterContinue reading “DAY 43”

DAY 42

Still struggling and tears running and motivation drying.

DAY 40-41

20-2-21 & 21-2-21 Spent most of the 20th working on a plan( I have the degree of an architect. Why? I don’t knw) Things were bad in my head and everything motivation thing couldn’t help me. I am struggling to gather an ounce of positivity and will to live. I thought about death, not clearlyContinue reading “DAY 40-41”


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