DAY 40-41

20-2-21 & 21-2-21

Spent most of the 20th working on a plan( I have the degree of an architect. Why? I don’t knw)

Things were bad in my head and everything motivation thing couldn’t help me.

I am struggling to gather an ounce of positivity and will to live. I thought about death, not clearly but I dont see any point in continuing. Am I just giving up? Yeah maybe

Things like this are hard for other people to understand. I watched a film yesterday called the last shaman in which a person like me goes into a crazy place and eventually finds someone. Had I been in his place I would have given up the first time I got screwed over. But he continues and finds peace with himself. Good for him.

Also I casted my first vote yesterday. Yay

I have been struggling a lot and the person I talk to has been having a hard time understanding me. I feel I am a burden to him although he completely denies it and calls me crazy to think so. I do have tears running down. What good are they doing. Nothing really. I am hardly seeing any future and to be in the present is not possible because I keep thinking of the future of what will I do what good am I?

I am shattered right now. Nothing is helping . Let’s see what will I do.

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